Support and Licensing

SIM-VICUS is an open-source development and as such free to use for everyone. We hope that this lowers the entry barrier for using building simulation software in the architectural and building HVAC design process as well as academia.


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Academic Users

Having a freely available software without licensing issues will make usage of the software at universities/academic institutions much easier and might help increase building simulation competence. Additionally, students and researchers can look at the source code and check up on the details of model implementation. Particularly for PhD students, the accessibility of source code, ready for own extensions and modifications, dramatically reduces the effort needed to get to a decent starting point for own research and development. Lastly, our 3D geometrical modelling user interface gives students and researchers the ability to quickly create realistic building models (compared to otherwise just simple box-models that are the best you can do with meaningful effort in other research oriented modelling environments).

Commercial Users

Of course, commercial projects have stricter time limits and may require short-term responses to modelling questions/simulation problems and require best-practice tipps and software training – in short: commercial product support. For this target group support contracts are provided by Bauklimatik Dresden Software GmbH.

General Community Support

SIM-VICUS open-source software support is a community effort (and as such free of charge) – we have a bug/issue tracker (see github repository for details).