Onboarding Day (in german)

Building on several years of model and computational core development at the Institute of Building Climatology (e.g. DELPHIN, THERAKLES), a new building energy simulation called SIM-VICUS has been under development since mid-2020. It is a freely available open-source development.

Geometry View

The NANDRAD solver, which was also developed at IBK, serves as the computational core for the building energy simulation. Its physical model and numerical solution method (Finite Volume Method for building structures) takes into account the heavy construction type in Europe in particular. As a result, dynamic effects (e.g. load shifts) are mapped very well, which are decisive for the integration of regenerative energy supply systems. The calculation kernel has been comprehensively validated, including the SimQuality validation test series.

Property View

SIM-VICUS is the graphical modelling interface with a focus on efficient parameterisation of the building simulation models and detailed visual checking of the simulation model. SIM-VICUS grants quality assurance on a new level through extensive false colour representations (see figure above): through graphical checks, the correct assignment of boundary conditions, transition coefficients, materials, building constructions, and the linking of surfaces or the assignment of the correct construction sides can be ensured. Geometric components are used exactly as shown in the calculation kernel.

SIM-VICUS is currently still under development. A beta version can be downloaded from downloads. Feedback and initial user feedback are always welcome.

An Onboarding day (webinar with programme introduction and live discussion round in german) will take place on Wed, 13th Oct, from 9:00 am. Interested parties can register at info@sim-vicus.de.

The development team includes the following people: Andreas Nicolai, Anne Paepke, Dirk Weiß, Stephan Hirth, Hauke Hirsch